Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pistacia Chinensis

, Slow growth to 60'
Drought Tolerant - Not recommended for irrigated area
Profile: Narrow leaflets, round canopy, bright red/orange fall color.
Form: Broad crowned tree 
Seasonality: Deciduous
Size: 30ft with spread 2/3 height; moderate growth rate

Leaves: Alternate, pinnate, 4-6in long leaves, somewhat lanceolate leaflets 1.5-2in long 1/2in wide; no terminal leaflet; bright green in summer turning attractive bright red color in fall
Flowers: Dioecious; aromatic, green to red, in loose panicles
Fruit: Female plants have large clusters of red peppercorn-like berries / Seeds, Drips Sap when in Bloom   
Stems/Trunks: Attractive, fissured, gray
Range/Origin: Central and Western China
Hardiness: To low teens

Landscape Value:
·        On the large side of residential scale
·        Parks, public places
·        Deciduous, seasonal shade/sun
Exposure: Full Sun
Water: Heat and drought tolerant; 1-2 deep irrigation per month in hottest season
Soil: Tolerant, best in uniform
Propagation: Seed
Maintenance: low; seed drop on female trees can be messy

Comment: The Chinese Pistache is a common tree found in neighborhoods in San Jose, mostly in areas where track homes were build in the early 60's, the tree is sometimes mistaken for an "Californian Pepper Tree" - Schinus molle as pictured left. 

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